Minor Oral Surgery is treatment which carried out by Specialists Oral Surgeons or dentists with a special interest in oral surgery and involves surgical treatment if dental problems that involve the teeth, jaws, gums, lips or mouth and soft tissues in the oral cavity.

There are different types of minor oral surgery:

Tooth extraction:

If a tooth is damaged beyond repair and cannot be saved by any other dental treatment it may need to be extracted. Teeth may also need to be extracted prior to orthodontic treatment in order create space to straighten teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal:

If a wisdom tooth has grown into the wrong place and is causing problems such as pain, difficulty in cleaning, improper eruption or impaction the tooth may need to be surgically removed. This may involve making an incision into the gums to gain better access to remove the tooth.


This is a surgical procedure to place a filling at the end of a root filled tooth root to remove any infection and promote healing in the tooth and surrounding tissues.

Dental Implant treatment:

A dental implant is a small titanium post embedded into the jaw bone to support one or more artificial teeth. The post is simply inserted into your jawbone and acts like a natural tooth root to support individual teeth, multiple teeth, or all your teeth safely and securely.

Following a full examination and discussing all of the options for treatment your dentist may recommend referral to our Specialists or dentist with a special interest for a minor oral surgery procedure before continuing with your routine dental care.